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Learn more about Pediatric Neurosurgeons

A pediatric neurosurgeon specializes in the medical and surgical care of children with diseases and conditions of the brain and nervous system, including the spinal cord, nerves, muscles, and related blood vessels. Pediatric neurosurgeons diagnose and treat many conditions, including brain tumors, seizure disorders, and head and spinal deformities and injuries. Pediatric neurosurgeons also perform surgery on the back, neck, brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves to treat neurological problems in children.

A pediatric neurosurgeon typically:

  • Evaluates a child’s medical history and educates the child, parents, and family about brain and nervous system health and disease prevention
  • Performs physical exams that include evaluating blood pressure, vital signs, and the health of the brain and nervous system
  • Orders and interprets laboratory and imaging tests and prescribes medications
  • Diagnoses and treats acute and chronic diseases and conditions that affect the brain and nervous system including brain and spinal cord injuries and birth defects
  • Screens, treats, and monitors conditions that increase the risk of serious brain and nervous system conditions such as a head injury
  • Provides direct care for brain and nervous system conditions in the office and in the hospital
  • Performs diagnostic procedures and surgery, such as surgery to treat birth defects of the brain and spinal cord
  • Works closely with your child’s primary care doctor and other specialists and members of your healthcare team to provide optimal care

Pediatric neurosurgeons may also be known by the following names: children's brain surgeon, pediatric nervous system surgeon, pediatric brain surgeon, and children’s spinal cord surgeon.

There are 154 specialists practicing Pediatric Neurosurgery in the United States with an overall average rating of 4.4 stars. There are 185 hospitals in the United States with affiliated Pediatric Neurosurgery specialists, including Boston Children's Hospital, Hackensack University Medical Center and Medical City Children's Hospital.